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We place a very high value on customer feedback to ensure we stay in tune with our clients needs and expectations and continue to deliver excellent results and customer service. Every customer is given a feedback form which may be returned freepost to our Head Office. The feedback is logged, and where client permission has been given, the testimonials from those feedback forms are published below.

Jeanie and the Bark Busters method exceeded my expectations. Following our first lesson, I saw immediate results. The method - a simple canine-like "baah" - followed by praise when they responded - was simple for me, simple my dogs. The next day saw significant improvement with walking. Pierre became markedly more relaxed, calmer, and sweeter. Zoey, the timid one, started coming out her shell much more. No negative techniques are used, only "baah" and praise. Jeanie's great with the dogs and with people. Pierre and Zoey are very happy to see her - that says it all. Jeanie's taken us from a nightmare to a calm and happy family.
Eiko S., Arlington, Virginia 1st May 2016

We highly recommend Jeanie. She provided advice that we desperately needed to help our very shy pup come out of her shell. Pre-Jeanie, we spent the first two weeks of pup ownership carrying our little girl everywhere because she was too afraid to walk or engage with her surroundings. After meeting with Jeanie, she taught us how to be the leaders we needed to be to get our girl moving and trusting...without using treats as a crutch. She also provided valuable nutrition tips that were very effective. One year later and we're still putting Jeanie's advice to practice daily. We would wholeheartedly recommend Jeanie to anyone trying to work through any behavioral issues, including shyness and even fear of the outdoors.
Aylin S., Arlington, Virginia 21st April 2016

Jeanie was wonderful. We had just adopted two young litter mates and she helped us enormously with just her first visit. The dogs are sweet but very "rowdy" and she showed us numerous ways to better handle them. The Bark Buster method seems to work quite well in a short time. Jeanie is very calm, patient and easy to work with. I would recommend her to anyone.
Marcie K., Alexandria, Virginia 24th February 2016

Love this technique!!! Jeanie was wonderful, very approachable and so easy to talk to. She helped me to become the leader of the pack, and I now have a calmer, happier dog!
Alexis E., McLean, Virginia 17th December 2015

Jeanie came to address challenging behaviors; nipping the toddler and aggression towards other dogs when on leash. Her techniques work! No more aggression and walking Yoshi is easy now. Jeanie knows her stuff!
Kathleen V., Mclean, Virginia 16th December 2015

Jeanie is simply the best dog trainer out there. We have worked with other trainers in the past (with other dogs) and the results just do not compare. Our main issues were that Cookie, our dog, was toileting in our bed, was chasing the cats and was fearful of the outdoors. Well, after one session with Jeanie the cats came out of hiding, and by the end of the second session the more fearful cat was lounging out in the open, her usual "I am the queen" attitude firmly in place. Furthermore, since working with Jeanie we have had ZERO incidents with our bed being soiled, and Cookie is getting braver about the outdoors. I would recommend Jeanie to anyone with issues with their dog - in fact I already have!
Michelle R., Arlington, Virginia 17th September 2015

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Jeanie! She is the only dog trainer who has given us tools that work with our beagle who has severe separation anxiety. What is so amazing about Jeanie is that she empowers you in difficult situations and seems to have a fix for every "what if" scenario. I would send any and every person with a difficult dog situation to her for support!
Crystal G., Arlington, Virginia 7th July 2015

I was so impressed with Jeanie and the techniques she used to get my dogs to obey commands. My dogs picked up the commands almost immediately. I couldn't believe it! I only had two lessons with Jeanie and this was enough. I love the methods used by Bark Busters. In home training is the best way to go, and understanding that I need to be the leader of the pack was also a critical piece of the training. I continue to practice what Jeanie taught me and my dogs are doing great! Jeanie was patient, informative, responsive and great with my two dogs. I highly recommend Jeanie and Bark Busters.
Melanie M., Alexandria, Virginia 24th June 2015

Jeanie was terrific. Very knowledgeable and calm and we got right to work. Tess responded almost immediately to the training. She walks perfectly on leash, does not urinate in the house anymore and her anxiety level has dropped tremendously. I would recommend Jeanie to anyone who wants to have a happy dog (and a happy dog owner).
Anne L., Alexandria, Virginia 31st May 2015

Jeanie is wonderful. My dog really struggled with pulling while walking, being aggressive or extra excitable toward other dogs, and overall not listening well to commands. Jeanie has helped me regain control through her methods and it has made a world of difference. I never thought I could enjoy taking my dog on a walk but now it's possible. Jeanie is also great about following up whenever you need her. Also she provides a lot of other helpful tips (e.g. Dog food websites for recommended health options, etc)
Margaret O., Arlington, Virginia 27th February 2015

Jeanie was wonderful. She was very patient, clear, and understanding. It was especially nice to feel like I wasn't being judged but instead encouraged to be the leader of my pack! Maya and Cleo were unrecognizable by the end of the lesson -- showing improvement right away. My neighbors have noticed the improvement and have asked about it! We've gone from dreading our daily walks to actually looking forward to meeting our neighbors outside!
Kristine Ouedraogo, Arlington 27th July 2008

Love the technique. Love it. Love it. Love it.
Terry Scalia, McLean 27th July 2008

I certainly would recommend Jeanie. She was very enthusiastic about her methods. Easy to understand. Jeanie has a nice personality and is excellent with animals. My dog behaved beautifully.
Barbara Hasey, Arlington 27th July 2008

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